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Presidency of the Council of the European Union

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Article  16(9) of the Treaty on European Union provides that the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in its different configurations – other than the Foreign Affairs – be held by EU countries’ representatives in the Council on the basis of equal rotation. The Council decided on it to be carried out by groups of three EU countries determined beforehand. Each member of the trio holds the Presidency for a period of 6  months, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the Council’s work.

The Presidency of the Foreign Affairs Council is held by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (since 2014, Federica Mogherini) who also represents the EU in issues relating to the common foreign and security policy.

The responsibilities of the Presidency are:

  • to chair the meetings of Coreper and other Council working parties and committees;
  • to organise and manage the Council’s business in line with its rules of procedure.

Source:  EUR Lex Glossary

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