College of Europe in Natolin

About the College of Europe in Natolin:

Established over 70 years ago, the College of Europe has been operating in both Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Warsaw, Poland) for the past 30 years. Both centres – operating in two EU member states – are characterised by their own specialisation and expertise. Together they create a unique, complementary value and a good model for today’s Europe. Every year, thanks to the support of the European Commission and the governments of many countries, nearly 130 graduates of the best universities from more than 30 countries across the world can study at Natolin. Most of them are citizens of the EU or its neighbouring countries.

The unique, bilingual (English-French) European Interdisciplinary Studies programme offered at Natolin enables them to study at a top level and learn from an international group of some of the most eminent lecturers and experts. Among those who taught or still teach at Natolin are i.a. Timothy Snyder, Roger Moorhouse, Jamie Shea, Herman Van Rompuy, Catherine Barnard, Wolfgang Wessels, Mario Mariniello, Youssef Nassef, Ayşe Zarakol, Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Rana Al-Sabbagh or Wasana Wongsurawat.

Since the beginning of its existence, the College of Europe in Natolin has specialised in issues of the EU enlargement and cooperation with the countries of its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods. In its research and teaching activities, Natolin also focuses on key issues for today’s Europe: migration, digital and energy transition, combating climate change, evolution of the media and the problem of disinformation. Topical questions concerning EU’s Eastern and Southern neighbourhoods have been at the heart of our activities for many years:

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