The Project

Natolin4Capacity Building

Full project title – Capacity Building for Integration and Reform – enhancing the administrative capacity of Ukrainian civil service for European integration through a comprehensive educational programme

The overall objective of the Project is to support the public administration of Ukraine (UA) in implementation of the comprehensive reforms and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA), including in particular the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), and further EU-Ukraine integration and legal approximation, through institutional capacity-building by way of practically-oriented studies and blended-learning educational programmes delivered by the College of Europe, Natolin. The project shall be carried out at the following location: EU countries (including particularly Poland and Belgium) and Ukraine. It is planned that throughout the whole project cycle at least 750 persons, gender-balanced representation of the Ukrainian public service, will be direct beneficiaries of the project divided into different actions as they are listed below (including jointly, beneficiaries of the e-learning, online and on-site trainings).

The specific objectives are:

Building knowledge and understanding
–  To support the Ukrainian civil servants in deepening knowledge, transfer of competencies and expertise in the field of European affairs, EU institutions, decision making processes, policies and integration mechanisms through a comprehensive e-learning programme and tailor-made educational platform.

Boosting expertise, professionalism and (policy implementation) capacity

– To accompany Ukrainian civil servants (particularly from within the central government bodies and government administration branches), responsible for European integration processes and various procedural, policy aspects of the implementation of the AA and the DCFTA, in
applying theoretical knowledge into practice, through practically-oriented studies and Face-to-Face sessions (F-2-F), complemented by study visits/field trainings, a scholarship programme for young talented representatives of the Ukrainian public service admitted to study the
European Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe, Natolin, and a research component.

Bridging people, institutions and good practices

– To develop further and facilitate contact, networking, best-practices sharing among EU and Ukrainian experts and to strengthen practical advice and assistance to Ukrainian institutional beneficiaries in resolving problems related to implementation of the Association Agreement/DCFTA via the establishment of a  project contact point in Kyiv and pool of experts with special sectoral expertise.

Planned training areas:

– Digital economy and society (digital transformation); 

– Regional development, access to financial instruments of the EU; 

– Climate and environment with a specific focus on Green Deal; 

– Integration of Ukraine into EU internal market; 

– Transport, Energy and Cross-border cooperation;

– AA and DCFTA; 

Optional courses: 

– Anti-Corruption; 

– Financial interests of the EU (including financial control and audit; anti-fraud, etc.) with a module on European public procurement rules, policy and practice; 

– Integrated border management; 

– EU and development cooperation policy; 

– Lobbying and legislative mechanisms; 

– Policy Coordination and Decision-Making for EU Affairs; 

– Policy dialogue and communication; 

– Monitoring and Evaluation; 

– Civil Society Empowerment; 

– EU values, principles and  human rights protection