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FRONTEX stands for the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union. The Agency was established by Council Regulation (EC) 2007/2004/ (26.10.2004, OJ L 349/25.11.2004).

FRONTEX coordinates operational cooperation between Member States in the field of management of external borders; assists Member States in the training of national border guards, including the establishment of common training standards; carries out risk analyses; follows up the development of research relevant for the control and surveillance of external borders; assists Member States in circumstances requiring increased technical and operational assistance at external borders; and provides Member States with the necessary support in organising joint return operations.

FRONTEX liaises closely with other Community and EU partners responsible for the security of the external borders, such as EUROPOL, CEPOL, OLAF, the customs cooperation and the cooperation on phyto-sanitary and veterinary controls, in order to promote overall coherency.

FRONTEX strengthens border security by ensuring the coordination of Member States’ actions in the implementation of Community measures relating to the management of the external borders.

Source: the European Commission

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