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The EU adopted a new package of sanctions on Russia

December 18, 2023

The Council adopted a twelfth package of economic and individual restrictive measures in view of the continued Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

These measures target high-value sectors of the Russian economy and make it more difficult to circumvent EU sanctions.



The agreed package includes the following measures:

  • prohibition on the direct or indirect import, purchase or transfer of diamonds including jewellery from Russia
  • no russia clause (a new clause which applies to EU exporters and bans the re-exportation to Russia and re-exportation for use in Russia of certain goods)
  • strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation with third countries to impede sanctions’ circumvention
  • tighter export restrictions concerning dual use goods and technologies
  • enforcement of oil price cap
  • further restrictions on imports of goods which generate significant revenues for Russia such as; pig iron, copper and aluminium wires, foil tubes and pipes
  • prohibition on the import of liquefied propane 

(source: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/)

Discover the timeline documenting the European Union’s sanctions against Russia over Ukraine: https://cutt.ly/twDq6jJi

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