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Participants of the 6th group of the Natolin project will investigate complex issues of the Green Agenda And Sustainable Connectivity Cluster

October 30, 2023

The European Union is preparing to start official negotiations with Ukraine regarding its future accession to the bloc. As reported by Politico, this process may begin as early as December 2023.

In addition to the theme of Ukraine meeting political and economic requirements, the membership negotiation process will include dozens of chapters covering all aspects of EU legislation. The parties will need to “close” specific chapters and clusters.

Chapters united under the cluster “Green Agenda And Sustainable Connectivity ” are particularly crucial on the agenda, focusing on “sustainable interaction.” Analytical works by participants in the 6th group of the Natolin4Capacity Building program will be dedicated to complex cases within this cluster.

This time, representatives from the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, and the Ministry for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development will undergo a 2-month training at the College of Europe in Natolin.


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