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New immigration rules for the EU for highly skilled workers

September 22, 2021

The European Parliament has adopted the reform of the EU Blue Card scheme that will facilitate the employment of highly qualified non-EU nationals.
The Blue Card Directive, in place since late 2009, defines the conditions of entry and residence for the third-country nationals (and their family members) who want to take up highly skilled employment in the EU Member States.
Under the revised rules, applicants will need to present a work contract or a binding job offer of a minimum of six months (instead of the previous requirement of 12 months contract) and evidence of higher qualifications or professional skills.
The salary threshold for applicants has been reduced to at least 100 % (from the current 150 %) and not more than 160 % of the average gross annual salary in the Member State of employment ( no upper limit allies currently).
Holders of an EU Blue Card will be able to move to another Member State after an initial 12-month period in the country that first granted them the Blue Card. Beneficiaries of international protection, such as refugees, will also be able to apply for an EU Blue Card in Members States other than the one where they received the protection status.


Source: EU Neighbours

Image source: European Commission Audiovisual Service

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