Ukraine and EaP

Eastern Partnership

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is a joint initiative of the EU, its Member States and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine (‘the partner countries’).

Launched in 2009, as specific Eastern dimension of the European Neighourhood Policy the EaP aims to strengthen and deepen the political and economic relations between the EU, its Member States and the partner countries, and supports sustainable reform processes there. The Eastern Partnership contributes to the overall goal of increasing the stability, prosperity and resilience of the EU’s neighbours as set out in the Global Strategy for the foreign and security policy of the EU and the 2015 European Neighbourhood Policy Review

The Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine singed in 2014 and fully in force since in 2017 is providing a framework for the bilateral relations between the EU and Ukraine. The Association Agreement in its scope and thematic coverage is the biggest international legal document in the history of Ukraine and the biggest international agreement with a third country ever concluded by the European Union.

Having signed the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine has committed to unprecedented economic, judicial, and financial reforms to converge its policies and legislation to those of the European Union. The European Union assists Ukraine in implementation of the Association Agreement via a range of instruments, including financial assistance and projects providing the best expertise to Ukrainian public institutions.

Source: European External Action Service

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine